Bathroom tech

This stereo dock for the iPod with a toilet tissue holder features 4 moisture-free speakers (2 tweeters, 2 woofers) that can play any CD player, iPod (with a dock connector) or other MP3 player. It also charges your iPod. AC adapter is included.

USB Face Mask Air Purifier

Just when you think that you’ve seen everything when it comes to curious USB devices along pops another one, such as this truly bizarre USB powered Face Mask Air Purifier – which, it must be said, looks uncannily like a certain piece of cricketing apparatus worn to keep certain assets safe.

Interactive Urinal Advertising: "Pow, You Hit The Spot"

More than just a urinal cake with an advertisement on it, the Wizmark Interactive Urinal Communicator speaks your advertisement when you hit the spot.

Frog Tape Dispenser

Give your desk a little more personality with this Frog Tape Dispenser. Add it to some of the other products we have featured for the workplace and you will solidify your position as the office nutcase.

Energized by You

With a little pedal power you can juice up a wide range of gadgets—and even use the built-in LED on the battery as a flashlight. But what about the health benefits?

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